Henry Findgold

"I am what 'appens when you perform magic... drunk."



Henry Findgold presents himself as your stereotypical Cockney drunkard. He is crass and selfish; he treats women like objects and objects like women. Henry’s mental state runs the full gamut from tipsy to completely stoned, but more often rests at the latter than the former; he keeps a flask of gin in his pocket for those boring moments in between beers. Whatever his impairment, Henry is constantly assured of his own abilities. In fact, he insists on taking a shot of whatever is on hand before doing anything strenuous.

Shooting from the Hip Flask

Henry refuses to enter the field of battle without a hearty swig of gin. Although it does wonders for his confidence, the booze ends up affecting his spells in unforeseen ways. Typically, the added effects are small and harmless – some minor teleportation, an extra wide area of effect – but occasionally more serious malfunctions occur. Even a minor spell could trigger a huge explosion if the conditions are just right.

More recently, Henry has harnessed the power of his consumption in a unique way. Using a special empathic link, he can occasionally project his inebriation onto his enemies.


The Whelslia family is renown for its magical prowess. The family’s youngest daughter, Madonia, was no different. She displayed tremendous innate talent from and early age, and her career was expected to soar in the typical Whelslia fashion.

Juniper “Juni” Findgold was about as different as could be. He had been thrown out of bars a dozen times and for that many reasons. Juni would cheat at cards, welsh on debts, and start big drunken brawls. Fortunately, Juni had the Findgold luck, and his own unique charm. Despite constant poverty and more than his share of enemies, Juni could always find a stiff drink and a soft bed.

While fleeing from a botched burglary, Juni wound up hiding from his pursuers in the Welslia estate garden. It just so happened that Madonia was taking a stroll at that exact moment, and they crossed paths. To make a long story short, she was enthralled by his unearthly charisma and they ran away together.

For months the couple wandered from town to town. Pawned jewelry paid for room, food, and dozens of bottles of gin. Juni would beat the young Madonia, but she was compelled to stay by his side through the pain and the grime of society’s underbelly.

Although largely captivated by Juni’s force of personality, Madonia was not a weak-willed woman. She eventually mustered the courage to leave Juni and face her family’s scorn. By this time, however, she was several months pregnant. When she returned, she was not given any option. She was to have the child, and it would be immediately given up. She saw her small son for nary a moment before he was ripped from her arms; in this instant she named him Henry. The whole scandal was the talk of society gossip for months.

Henry was put up for adoption on the day of his birth, and was officially adopted within two weeks. He was adopted by a young single man with no job and a winning personality. Juni adopted his son, not because of paternal love, but because of the promise of Whelslia magic.

Henry was raised to be just like his father. By the age of seven Henry was already using his budding magic to help his father cheat at cards, and by sixteen Juni was paying his debts with Henry’s illusory gold coins. One day, a dwarf named Deldebar exposed Juni’s cheating with a well-timed Detect Magic. Rather than admit to his wrongdoing, Juni passed the blame to his son. As his father escaped, Henry was beaten within inches of his life, and then forced into service in Deldebar’s organization.

Henry did Deldebar’s dirty work for years before it became apparent that Henry was as much a liability as an asset. He was his father’s son, and every day Deldebar noticed he could control Henry less and less. Eventually he told Henry that his debts had been paid and he was free to go… and if he ever set foot in town again he would be killed on sight.

Henry Findgold

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