Kraju Dana

the cave and the dragon

The troll caught by the trap is quickly dispatched. The other troll runs further into the cave to get reinforcements. The party rounds the corner after deactivating the traps to find that the other troll had gotten back-up from two two-headed trolls. It was a short and not very brutal fight. From there they had two options: continue in the same direction, or go to the right. They decided to continue in the same direction. Rounding another corner they found four more trolls sleeping. Once those trolls were dispatched with, Monty, Lavatica, and Berttram backtracked to the other branch of the tunnel while the rest of the party continued on.

The adventurers that continued on found themselves in a room with more traps and two demons. Tryn deactivated one of the traps while the rest of the party removed the threat of the demons. They found themselves in a room full of gold. When it was evenly divided, each of them walked out 50,000 gold wealthier. Fatigued and exhausted, the cleric passed out.

Meanwhile, Monty, Lavatica, and Bert continued down the other tunnel. Stalagtites and stalagmites were in the way, and as they approached began chomping like a set of teeth. They found the symbol on the wall used to deactivate it, and realized that they needed blood to appease it. They used the blood of one of the fallen trolls. The teeth stopped chomping and they were able to make their way safely through. Further along they found more pressure plates, but there appeared to be no point to them. Upon inspection, Bert was flung into the middle of an enormous cavern where a rather large and angry dragon resided. It was resting on a pile of bones that appeared to be what was left of its various meals. Monty and Lavatica were able to bypass the flinging traps and began combat with the dragon.

The other group members were able to make their way to the dragon’s lair and join in the fight, but they found that this was no ordinary dragon, since it had the power to encase them in ice. There were damaging blows being dealt left and right, and halfway through the fight the cleric regained consciousness after having had a religious experience. He joins in the fight when Monty and Pel get encased in ice.



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