Kraju Dana is a world shrouded in darkness. It is forever night, the only light being provided by the mystic moon overhead that’s always full. When clouds start forming, that’s when the rain is coming. The temperature is always warm, though, even without sunlight.

All plants and vegetation are lunar born, and thusly don’t need sunlight to survive.

Each town has something different to offer as far as the landscape, the weapons and armor sold, and entertainment. Each town has a mayor and several brave souls to act as peace-keepers. The militia keep things ordered in the city, and keep harmful creatures out of the city. Each city/town is generally kept far apart from the others to avoid any unnecessary clashed and disputes over land rights. Any towns that are located close together are the ones to avoid. They are controlled by either the vampires or the werewolves, sometimes both, depending on the day. In those towns, humans stay indoors as much as possible to avoid the eternal power struggle between the two races. There are times when the streets will run red from the amount of bloodshed.

Kraju Dana has already seen one apocalypse. There is no known written record of it, just stories that have been passed from generation to generation. Three millenia of the events and the people involved changing when told from one person to another. It has become a ghost story told around the fire at night, one meant to scare children.

Behind city walls, a person can live safely and happily as long as the militia does it’s job. Outside the walls, evil lurks about freely. There is no telling when or where it will strike, but only those that are properly prepared will survive. A person is more apt to surive when the moon is full and illuminating the land. When the rains come, pray to whatever god you wish that you make it through.

Kraju Dana

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