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There are a multitude of races on Kraju Dana. How they all came to be there, no one knows for sure. Some were refugees of a land worse off, others had shown up thinking they could make themselves a fortune somehow, and still others came just to fight and kill.

Some of what you might run into in Kraju Dana:

Vampires: Aristocratic, wealthy, manipulative, and vicious. Vampires are not located in many towns, but the ones they do reside in, they rule. They’re fast, strong predators that have never heard the word mercy except when those they were torturing were begging for it. The only eternal enemy the vampires have ever worried about are the lycans (werewolves). Vampires can be killed by decapitation and are very weak to fire.

Lycans/werewolves: Only those looking to die, or the vampires, would say werewolves came into being when a man fornicated with a wolf. This is not true. Their origin is a mystery, but what they are is legendary. The humans that become lycans gain incredible strength and speed and the ability to regenerate faster than that of a normal human. Like the vampires, lycans are immortal to a point. Decapitation kills, as does causing more damage to the body than the system can regenerate. Lycans are completely human until they shift, which they can do at will, at which point they transform into a large wolf.

Possession: Possession by a demon or an evil spirit is uncommon in Kraju Dana, but if someone where to pass through or near a spot of great evil, then they take the risk of becoming possessed. Once a person is possessed, they must either have the entity exorcised, have it cast out and physically manifested to be destroyed, or the person has to be killed.

Gabranth Kevorkianus: He’s medically trained, and he’s evil. Once the most renowned healer in all of Kraju Dana, years of fixing the aftermath of violence lead to a mental breakdown. He stayed locked in his room for days on end, at times refusing to eat. Eventually nobody bothered to stop by and visit, and for three months nobody saw or heard from him. The next time someone saw him, he had drastically changed. He began taking lives instead of saving them, using large needles to puncture arteries and bathe in the blood of his victims. He wanders the land, and may the gods have pity on anyone that crosses his path.

Plants: In a way, everything is a predator of something else on Kraju Dana and this includes the vegetation—especially in the forests. The flowers and trees sometimes uproot themselves and attack unsuspecting travelers.

Recreation is usually found in drinking games. All kinds of acoholic beverages can be procured for such events. There are only two that are limited or restricted, unless you throw enough gold in the right direction. Fermented Oil is made for and sold primarily to Warforged (a drunk Warforged is actually pretty funny to see). Blood Wine is made by the vampires and they will usually only distribute it to other vampires, but for a price they might consider distributing to those not of their kind.

Kraju Dana does not have a capital city. Due to the dangers out in the world and the independence of each city, a capital was never extablished.

50 years prior, there was a large war that lasted two years. A warlord named Mraxus showed up on Kraju Dana’s shores with an army of Tieflings, Warforged, Bugbears, and Bullywogs. He did not anticipate the inhabitants of Kraju Dana, villagers and beings out in the wild, to put up such resistance. He most feared the Minotaurs and Goliaths, whose battle prowess and connections to the earth created the best defence to his attacks. It took him two years, several hundreds of reinforcements and only a few small victories for him to give up and flee Kraju Dana, never to be seen or heard from again.

The assassin’s guild has recently come to Kraju Dana, and they are not to be taken lightly.

Main Page

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