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And so our story begins...
What the hell happened to me?

As the story begins, the characters awaken from being drugged and find themselves in a small dungeon-like basement adhered to the wall by weird, sticky webbing. Not strong enough to hold them in place while they’re awake, they quickly work their way out of the webbing, only to find that they were taken for a purpose. In front of each character was an egg pod that released a small critter. At first the critters were trying to latch on to the faces of the once captive travelers, but when two of them were killed off with ease, the goal became survive and kill.

Soon a dimensional portal opened in the ceiling and a human fell through, shouting through the portal to someone on the otherside that he hadn’t been cheating. He quickly got with the program when he saw what was in the room.

As the small creatures were dispatched with ease, the warriors charged with containing the “sacrifices” entered the room. The human psion quickly worked his magic on one of the warriors and made it attack one of it’s fellow warriors. The two warriors fought each other for a time, inflicting only minimal damage to each other. The third warrior did his best to attack each of the party members, but he was vastly outnumbered and started taking numerous hits.

At this time a drow riding a blade spider emerged through the floor and began attacking everyone and everything that she perceived as a threat.

As the fight continued on, loud thumping footsteps could be heard from the floor above. What looked to be another warrior appeared at the top of the stairs. This one was different, however. The creature was much larger, which didn’t help because that meant movement was limited do to the slightly confined space. A large bony protrusion coming off the skull looked like a crown, identifying this creature as the queen. She was trying to squeeze her way through the doorway and down the stairs to assist her warriors.

To be continued…

The end of the beginning
Legendary Key

The queen finally makes her way into the fight. Unfortunately she ends up finding herself cornered with little chance to escape. She begins taking massive damage from spells until she gets fed up with it and moves toward the center of the room. The warriors for the queen end up getting hit with stun spells that take them out of the fight for a bit. The one warrior that was left ended up getting taken out. After a few more turns the warriors were back in the fight, but the queen was at that point close to death.

Light footsteps from the floor above alerted them to the presence of someone else. A bag was tossed down the stairs and rolled towards the center of the room. It exploded into a burst of fire, dealing minor damage to the party members, but also causing the aliens to explode. The acid explosions caused severe damage to a few party members, but the fight was finally over.

The group dispersed through the house, finding few items and gold. The thing they found that held the most importance was a Fiery Key. They could tell it held heavy mystical and slightly religious properties.

A search of the rest of the town revealed stashes of gold, food, and not much else. As it turns out, the queen had a telepathic link with all of the townspeople. When the queen died, the link killed everyone else. The only survivor was the Queen’s caretaker, Edward Cullen. He spoke to them briefly before the human psion claimed his head.

After looting what they could of the town, and claiming homes for themselves, while grabbing something to eat, the psion formed an impenetrable shelter for them to rest in. What will the future hold for them when they wake up?

Let's get going

After an uninterrupted rest, the group decides they want to get to know each other. They were all visitors in the same tavern before they ended up in that basement. At some point the ranger stepped outside with the psion and the swordmage to discuss what the potential course of action could be. Their conversation was interrupted when a bolt came within inches of hitting the ranger. They recognized it as belonging to a group of assassins, which means they’ve been marked as targets. Deciding to keep this to themselves, they gather everyone and head south to the coastal town of Jabari.

In Jabari they acquire mounts and a few upgrade their weapons and armor. The ranger decides to go to the seedy tavern in town called The Dirty Sanchez while the psion makes his way to the upscale tavern, Dante’s Den. Henry makes his way to The Hilton, the high class inn where a high amount of gold gets you as much female company for the night as you want. Henry tries to pull a bluff on the inn keeper, but the inn keeper is wise to his game. The swordmage, however, recalls some rather incriminating information about the inn, and uses that to his advantage. He relays what he knows to the inn keeper, who is more than willing to cut an enormous price break to the swordmage.

Meanwhile the ranger is finding out more about the key from his tavern contact, and the psion heads to the blacksmith to get his own information. They both find out roughly the same information. The key is a mystical religious relic, and since it’s been in the possession of the group for several days, it is now tied to them, so they can’t get rid of it, and not one of them can leave, otherwise the powers of the key will bring that person back to the group. It would seem that the only way to break the hold is death.

The psion ends up doing some gambling and earned a little gold that way, while the cleric and drunk Henry decide to start their own pick-pocket operation. They were working their game on a vampire when Impi and Lavatica entered the tavern and almost ruined it for them. When the vampire started getting mad, they all beat a hastey retreat. Once the group was reassembled and the information about the key was shared, they decided staying in Jabari was a bad idea. They found out who the local ferryman was and went to collect him.

After waking him from his drunken slumber and sobering him up, they hired Miko to take them to Sadira. His vessel didn’t look like much, but is was big enough to hold them, and thanks to the giant sail, was able to transport them much faster. The journey wasn’t without action, however, as a group of Sahaugin minions controlled by an Archon Waveshaper attacked them. The ranger took out one, while the drunk, who had actually forgotten to take a drink for more than five minutes and sobered up some, destroyed the rest of the minions with a chain spell. The Waveshaper remained, but proved to be little threat as the group made short work of it.

Once arriving in Sadira, they went to the closest inn to get some rest.

The Fog

The travelers awaken only to be told they can’t go outside. The innkeeper tells them that a dense fog blanketed the town a few hours after they arrived, and with them being the only new arrivals, he thought that maybe something had followed them. Upon mentioning this, the innkeeper changed his tune and told them to go outside where he heard a lot of screaming.

Upon exiting the inn, Henry allows most of them the chance to fly up onto the surrounding rooftops while the ranger pulls out his Sunblade to illuminate the area. With the illumination in effect, they notice several zombies lurking around corners and in alleyways, waiting to strike, and in the middle of the street are two ghosts.

The ranger attacks the two ghosts, only to find out that they have no intentions of being hostel. They, like the zombies, are being controlled.

It doesn’t take much to remove the zombie threat. They had all been dead for a long time and one good hit turned each into a small pile of dusty remains. These zombies had been eating people, though, so there were bits of remains and gold in their stomachs. During the elimination of the zombies, the controller stepped out of one of the houses down the street. Being closer to what he was controlling enabled him to better control them, and the ghosts that had been resisting were now attacking everyone, including the Necromancer. Once the necromancer was gone one of the ghosts, the male, disappeared, but the female remained behind.

Henry, in his drunken state, thought it would be fun to proposition her, and to his delight, she accepted, and they went off to find a private area where he could fornicate with her ghostliness.

The rest of the party alerted people that there was no more threat, and after a small bit of shopping, and collecting Henry, they decided to leave town, but they had no idea where to go. The cleric then decided to take the time to master a spell he had just garnered. He cast Hand of Fate to find out where they should venture next. When the spell was cast a hand appeared before them, giving them all the finger.

The cleric asked where they should head to next, and the hand pointed east. There are two known towns east of Sadira; Springwood and Pedang. They decided to head to Springwood since it’s closer, only about a five day ride.

On their way out a bird land in the middle of town with a note attached to it. The note is for the ranger, it’s from the bartender from The Dirty Sanchez in Jabari. He tells him that if they collect the keys and use them properly, they can stop the end of the world.

They leave town, and near the end of the second day a brilliant flash of light appears before them. Once the light subsides they see three dark angels standing before them. Two men and one woman. In typical Henry fashion, he tries to proposition the woman, who in turn points at him and gives him Gonorrhea. The angels reveal that they were sent to cellect the key. Knowing what the note said, and going off the fact that these angels didn’t look at all heavenly or good, the group decided that they’d better keep the key, thus triggering the angels to attack. Ricky is able to pull off his mind mojo on the two males to get them to attack each other, but it’s pretty clear the woman is the one calling the shots.

A few of the member surround the angels, who have taken heavy damage.

To be continued…

Assassin attempt

The angels were bloody and weakened. The group had no trouble finishing them off. They rested and when they left they noticed that the clouds had grown even more menacing.

As they continued on to Springwood, they were attacked by a small group of assassins. The fight was long, and painful mostly to the assassins. With one assassin left alive, they questioned him. It turns out these young elves were trying to get into the assassin’s guild. The assassin, however, had one final trick up his sleeve. He conjured an apparition of Chuck Norris who roundhouse kicked the assassin’s head halfway around the world.

Ricky summoned up an inpenetrable fortress for them to rest in and when they awoke, the rains had started. Lavatica’s familiar carried a focus item, and was stuck by lightning just outside of the city gates. A one way portal was formed and the group passed through it. When they got to the otherside of the portal, they saw a man leaning against the gates, reveling in the rain. Impi recognized him and fled to the forest to commune with the spirits, getting their help to protect her. They realized this was Gabranth Kevorkianus, and as they surrounded him, he smiled.

Into the Dream

Gabranth was a difficult target to hit. He had spent so much time out in the elements, surviving and killing during the rains that noone could lay a hand on him. He, however, could deal out plenty of punishment. He even tried stealing the brain of the swordmage. He failed in his attempt, and was then discouraged from continuing the fight when a frog wielding a fullblade joined the mix. The frog lept from the top of the city gates and sent a slash down Gabranth’s back. Gabranth looked at the frog, looked at the rest of the group, and with a gleam in his eye, he disappeared into the rains.

Once Gabranth was gone, two heads poked out of the city gates. These heads happened to be attached to the same goliath body. They were led inside by the weird creature.

The townspeople looked reluctant to welcome them, but they also looked like they hadn’t slept in a long time. Some were even sick because of it. The cleric gathered as many of them around as he could to cure their various illnesses. The group then split up to do some shopping and gather information.

In the tavern connected to the inn, Henry ran into his wife, which caught everyone by surprise because they never thought anyone would want to marry Henry. He was distracted by a whisper from a dark corner. A man had some information for sale, and Henry bought it with a keg of Dwarven ale. It was the location of the next Key.

The man disappeared, only to give the same information to the swordmage. They had to enter a dream world to acquire it. The only problem was the trial they would have to face. When the man, who introduced himself as Grigori, left, they decided to go for it. The ranger entered into his trance state, while Ashen and Henry were promptly knocked unconscious. The rest fell asleep in their own way.

In the dream world they found themselves separated. Henry found himself in a room with nothing but bottles of booze and lots of loose women. The Monty found himself in a burlesque house where the girls were dancing and stripping on a stage. Everyone found themselves in either a good dream, or a bad nightmare, but there was one thing in common, the person trying to kill them.

It turns out the trial is defeating a humanoid dream demon named Freddy Kruger. He visited all of them, damaging some while they were able to deal some damage to him. Eventually they all found each other, and a steel door appeared in front of them and opened to someplace other than the end of the hall. They walked through and found themselves in a crumbled pit of sorts, with fires in various places. Here Freddy confronted them all. He was fast, but not fast enough to escape getting hit and marked. His goal is to kill them all…

Out of the Nightmare
Legendary Key

The cleric is successful in limiting the actions of Freddy, while the swordmage and the fighter use their marks on him to their advantage. When Freddy dropped to half health, he changed the room they were in. They found themselves in a large dungeon-like room with a large fire pit in the middle. The hits against Freddy were starting to deal more damage, and eventually Freddy was sliced in two, whilst being kicked by the Ranger into the fire pit. (It was a pretty awesome kick)

Freddy’s two halves landed in the middle of the fire, and as his body was being completely destroyed, the souls of the lives he had claimed fled their prison and were free at last. The flames soared up to the ceiling, blackening it. As the flames lowered, the group saw a key inside a protective magical sphere floating on the fire. When the fire had completely lowered and gone out, they grabbed the key. It turned out to be the Starvation Key.

The travelers finished their sleep without dreams and awoke refreshed. They found out that the entire town had gone to sleep only a couple of hours before they had woken up.

When they were outside they were greeted by Grigori, who told them that if they were seeking better arms and armor, they place to go would be Pedang, which was a town further east.

The travelers set off, and had made it most of the way without incident. They were only about six hours from Pedang, but were weary and needed a rest. They found an abandoned cabin that still had active traps. They disarmed the traps, but thought it best to sleep outside. They were awoken several hours later by the Ranger, who had heard scratching coming from behind the cabin. There were four female, blood crazed, starved vampires trying to claw their way into the cabin.

The group struck out at the vampires, whose retaliations weren’t very damaging. It turns out they were lesbian vampires, and instead of attacking Tryn, Henry’s wife, they tried groping her. She made short work of one of them.

Send in the Clowns

The other three vampires took more damage then they could handle, and eventually all that was left were piles of dust. The hole they had scratched in the back of the cabin actually led to a secret room with a sword and a mound of gold.

They finished resting and continued on to Pedang, where they saw a festival taking place. Hundreds of torches and small fires were everywhere to provide plenty of lighting. Henry and Tryn decided to do some pickpocketing at Trungolds, the more upscale tavern in the area, while the cleric and a few others went into Berkowitz. While in Berkowitz, the Cleric ended up getting them a job of hunting down a dragon. The owner of the tavern, Doonhoff Berkowitz, said he’d pay them 2000 gold per person as long as they brought back proof that the dragon was dead. This dragon had claimed his hand earlier in life.

Berttram makes his way to the middle of the crowd to see what they’re all gathered around. There are two clowns in the middle of the town square entertaining the onlookers. Berttram is slightly suspicious of the clowns, one of whom is tall and slightly skinny, the other one is short and fat and looked a little like a diseased ball. Berttram made a half-hearted jump up to a nearby building to get a better look at the clowns. He caught the eye of the tall one, and noticed that they were more reptillian than human, and had an unnatural glow to them. Berttram vaulted into the air, changing into a clown before he landed. His attempt to stab the tall one, named Pennywise, in the back failed, and soon the fight started.

Most attacks were focused on Pennywise, while Clown was left alone for the most part. However, Pennywise was not that easy to defeat, and his true form appeared over the corpse of his clown form.

The duel and the job

The fight with the clowns rages on, meanwhile onlookers are starting to wonder if it’s really just a show, especially after one of the clowns transformed into a giant spider thing with large pincers. Once the short fat clown transforms into his second form, and new face joins the fight. Malaria Niger, the local weapon maker and an accomplished swordmage. Her assistance proves very helpful as she’s able to deal out great amounts of damage. Berttram, however, had also dealt a great deal of damage. The second form of Pennywise fell quickly, and Violater wasn’t long for the world either. The halfling rogue used her daggers to climb is body and then proceeded to saw his head off.

Once the group had a chance to heal, the rogue and the arrogant swordmage decided to have at it in a duel. They put a wager on it as well, while other group members decided to place bets. Everyone in the group was putting money on Tryn to beat Monty, but it was Tryn’s husband, Henry, that decided to make more than one risk by betting on Monty. Teh bet between them, however, was interesting. If Monty won, he would get to take Tryn up to his room at the Inn and have his way with her. If Tryn wins the duel, Monty has to say goodbye to his manhood for a year.

While the duel goes on, other party members get some shopping done. They get back to find that Monty ended up winning the duel. Monty leads Tryn up his room, even is chivalrous (after a fashion) and holds the door to the room open for her to allow her entrance into the room first. Tryn, however, was hoping she’d get beaten, so that while Monty was distracted, her husband could sneak into the room and steal all of Monty’s money. Monty, however, had thought this might happen, so he left a money bag with five coins attached to his belt, the other money bag, the one with all of his gold in it, he gave it to his onyx dog who was hiding behind the door, out of sight of Tryn. In a way both parties succeeded at hoodwinking each other.

While Ashen the cleric had been in the Malaria’s shop he had mentioned the job set forth to them to go and kill the dragon. Being friends with the man who hired them and seeing as how the cleric was coming up a little short on gold for an item he wanted, she agreed to go with and to apply her share to the amount of the item the cleric wanted.

After a relaxing rest, everyone was ready to head to the cave. On the way they collected Malaria and set off to find the entrance guarded by a Giant. Fortunately, Malaria was a well-versed linguist and was able to convince the Giant that they were going into the cave on a mission. He let them pass.

Inside they went down a long, straight tunnel. They stopped when they noticed two sets of eyes watching them. Berttram then noticed that there were slits in the tunnel walls and ceiling. He pointed out the triggers on the floor and told everyone to be careful, it was a Scything Blade trap. They looked down the tunnel, seeing that the eyes belonged to two ice trolls. Once they triggered the trap they tried to lure the trolls into the path of the blades. One troll took the bait and charged forward, only to be hit by one of the blades.


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