Zeke Corolla

He lost all of his power, or did he?


Zeke was a promising student growing up. He had an aptitude for support magic, and was good with a sword. He looked to be destined to be a great swordmage. He always joked around with his friends at the academy, and seemed so very happy. His home life was a different story entirely. His mother was a very low level sorceress, and his father was a drunken barbarian. She was too meek before Zeke’s father to do more than what she was told, which was usually housekeeping or sex. There were times was Zeke’s mother was even whored out to some of his father’s friends for extra money for his father to spend on booze. Zeke was also beaten. He was never struck in places that would show, and Zeke got pretty good at ignoring the pain. One night Zeke’s father was especially drunk, and beat both him and his mother to near death. That night Zeke swore he wouldn’t let it continue. When he had made a decent enough recovery, he found where his father kept his wealth, and there was a lot more than what his father claimed.

Zeke begged his mother to run away with him, but she told his father, and for speaking against the head of the household, Zeke’s tongue was removed. The academy had several questions for Zeke when he dropped out, and the head of the guard had even more questions when his parents weren’t seen for several days.

The bodies were discovered one month after Zeke left, the flies hovering over the well giving away their location. Zeke has since decided that humanity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some say his soul was removed along with his tongue that day. Now he’s rarely seen, but various acts have been reported as being done by him. Acts of heroism and bravery, and acts of such a depraved nature that none dare utter them above the level of a whisper.

Zeke Corolla

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