Kraju Dana


The Phoenix delivered them to the gates of the first domain to be defeated. In front of the gates, trying to break them down with roundhouse kicks, was a lone traveler named Chuck Norricus. Monty produced the Fiery Key, which unlocked the door and allowed them access to whatever lied within.

Inside the walls was a pyramid with several levels. On each level were a set of archer minions. The minions were taken out before they even had a chance to attack, two of which were almost literally scared to death by Chuck Norricus.

Inside the shrine at the top of the pyramid, War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, sat astride his steed, waiting for them to show. As strong as War is, he still took a massive amount of damage, some of which was caused by his horse being sent through a hell gate to fall on him, courtesy of Chuck Norricus.

Henry was able to pull off a massive attack which bloodied War and shattered his essence, causing a shockwave that not only damaged all it hit, but also destroyed the pyramid and dropped everyone down into a cavern below, causing even more damage.



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