Kraju Dana

To the Trees

The group decides to rent Hippogryphs and fly to Serigala. The hippogryphs land at the edge of the trees and drop off the party in the middle of a storm. As soon as the Hippogryphs leave, the group is set upon by four Djinn Thunderers, lightning based creatures. The first attack was a large lighting strike that dealt a large amount of damage to four of the members. Even with some of the group flanking the djinn and dealing massive damage to them, the djinn still managed to daze a few of them. The fight proves challenging, but they make it through.

During the encounter with the Djinn, when Henry was struck by lightning, it altered him. He now can control lighting and electricity.

When everything quiets down they here the sounds of a fight close by. They find a young man fighting Gabranth. The group goes to his aid, and when Gabranth once again fails to remove Monty’s brain, a bright flash of light from a lightning strike blind them long enough for him to make his retreat.

The young man, a Paladin named Danaus, was hunting Gabranth to seek revenge for the murder of his sister.

They made camp to rest and recover from their injuries.

After an eight hour rest they made their way into the forest. When they reached a small clearing they were set upon by several shifters.



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