Kraju Dana

The Spoils of War, the Foils of Famine, and the Passing of Pestilence

Our heroes quickly dispatch of War, Famine, and Pestilence, though struggling in each encounter. The Horesmen are tough, and hard to hit, but our heroes are battle-tested and make each hit count. Once a horsemen is defeated, his essence completely shatters and passes to the key, destroying the key. They head to a town nearby, intending to buy supplies, but instead they found the twon in flames. The flames were caused by a great Red Dragon. The dragon was taking vengeance on the town for killing his mate, and his heart had turned in evil. They removed the Dragon’s threat, and made their way back to the coast, finding the shack of a dwarf who greatly resembles the dwarf that brought them to the mainland from the island up north. It turns out he is the identical buddy of the dwarf. They request his aid to take them to the small island in the bay, which he does, but they find out that they can’t reach it in a conventional way. The dwarf reveals that they must travel through the spirit realm in order to access the real-life door. They head back to the mainland, and the dwarf summons a doorway that reveals his dead brother, the other triplet. They follow the dead brother through the doorway and find themselves on a phantom train.


“It turns out he is the identical buddy of the dwarf.”

I don’t know if this was a mistake or not, but I just find the idea of identical buddies wildly hilarious.


wait, i thought they were part of a quintet…


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