Kraju Dana

The duel and the job

The fight with the clowns rages on, meanwhile onlookers are starting to wonder if it’s really just a show, especially after one of the clowns transformed into a giant spider thing with large pincers. Once the short fat clown transforms into his second form, and new face joins the fight. Malaria Niger, the local weapon maker and an accomplished swordmage. Her assistance proves very helpful as she’s able to deal out great amounts of damage. Berttram, however, had also dealt a great deal of damage. The second form of Pennywise fell quickly, and Violater wasn’t long for the world either. The halfling rogue used her daggers to climb is body and then proceeded to saw his head off.

Once the group had a chance to heal, the rogue and the arrogant swordmage decided to have at it in a duel. They put a wager on it as well, while other group members decided to place bets. Everyone in the group was putting money on Tryn to beat Monty, but it was Tryn’s husband, Henry, that decided to make more than one risk by betting on Monty. Teh bet between them, however, was interesting. If Monty won, he would get to take Tryn up to his room at the Inn and have his way with her. If Tryn wins the duel, Monty has to say goodbye to his manhood for a year.

While the duel goes on, other party members get some shopping done. They get back to find that Monty ended up winning the duel. Monty leads Tryn up his room, even is chivalrous (after a fashion) and holds the door to the room open for her to allow her entrance into the room first. Tryn, however, was hoping she’d get beaten, so that while Monty was distracted, her husband could sneak into the room and steal all of Monty’s money. Monty, however, had thought this might happen, so he left a money bag with five coins attached to his belt, the other money bag, the one with all of his gold in it, he gave it to his onyx dog who was hiding behind the door, out of sight of Tryn. In a way both parties succeeded at hoodwinking each other.

While Ashen the cleric had been in the Malaria’s shop he had mentioned the job set forth to them to go and kill the dragon. Being friends with the man who hired them and seeing as how the cleric was coming up a little short on gold for an item he wanted, she agreed to go with and to apply her share to the amount of the item the cleric wanted.

After a relaxing rest, everyone was ready to head to the cave. On the way they collected Malaria and set off to find the entrance guarded by a Giant. Fortunately, Malaria was a well-versed linguist and was able to convince the Giant that they were going into the cave on a mission. He let them pass.

Inside they went down a long, straight tunnel. They stopped when they noticed two sets of eyes watching them. Berttram then noticed that there were slits in the tunnel walls and ceiling. He pointed out the triggers on the floor and told everyone to be careful, it was a Scything Blade trap. They looked down the tunnel, seeing that the eyes belonged to two ice trolls. Once they triggered the trap they tried to lure the trolls into the path of the blades. One troll took the bait and charged forward, only to be hit by one of the blades.



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