Kraju Dana

Send in the Clowns

The other three vampires took more damage then they could handle, and eventually all that was left were piles of dust. The hole they had scratched in the back of the cabin actually led to a secret room with a sword and a mound of gold.

They finished resting and continued on to Pedang, where they saw a festival taking place. Hundreds of torches and small fires were everywhere to provide plenty of lighting. Henry and Tryn decided to do some pickpocketing at Trungolds, the more upscale tavern in the area, while the cleric and a few others went into Berkowitz. While in Berkowitz, the Cleric ended up getting them a job of hunting down a dragon. The owner of the tavern, Doonhoff Berkowitz, said he’d pay them 2000 gold per person as long as they brought back proof that the dragon was dead. This dragon had claimed his hand earlier in life.

Berttram makes his way to the middle of the crowd to see what they’re all gathered around. There are two clowns in the middle of the town square entertaining the onlookers. Berttram is slightly suspicious of the clowns, one of whom is tall and slightly skinny, the other one is short and fat and looked a little like a diseased ball. Berttram made a half-hearted jump up to a nearby building to get a better look at the clowns. He caught the eye of the tall one, and noticed that they were more reptillian than human, and had an unnatural glow to them. Berttram vaulted into the air, changing into a clown before he landed. His attempt to stab the tall one, named Pennywise, in the back failed, and soon the fight started.

Most attacks were focused on Pennywise, while Clown was left alone for the most part. However, Pennywise was not that easy to defeat, and his true form appeared over the corpse of his clown form.



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