Kraju Dana

Enter the Dragonborn

As the fight with the puppets rages on, the cleric is taking several hits due to the fact that he was surrouned by puppets. What the cleric didn’t see was the swirling vortex appearing over his head. The rest of the party members saw it, though. Through the portal fell a Dragonborn, landing right on top of the cleric, knocking them both prone. The Dragonborn rolled off of the Cleric, but the female puppet, leech woman, took this opportunity to drop a large leech on Ashen. The leech did so much damage that it knocked him out. The paladin, who joined the group after Berttram’s untimely demise at the hands of Gabranth, was able to revive the cleric.

At one point Henry cast a spell that ended up teleporting him outside the building. He blasted a hole in the wall, through which Toulon Nightshade quickly exited. The puppets had taken a lot of damage by this time, though, and soon they began to be turned into nothing more that piles of junk.

The group gathered around the new arrival to find out how it was he had come to this plane. It turns out he had been battling a powerful sorcerer in a different plane, who also happened to be a planeswalker, and was forced through the vortex into the realm of Kraju Dana. He heard about the keys, however, before he was forced into this different plane of existence. He gave them the name of their next destination: Serigala.



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