Kraju Dana


Death and his horse, Ragnarok, prove to be dificult foes to handle. Death is hard to hit, and his attacks, when they hit, hurt whoever they hit. The battle was not going well for the adventure party, especially when the horseman Death summoned his counterpart, the Grim Reaper. Keeping the Grim Reaper sustained in this realm was a lot of work, leaving Death able to do nothing else but concentrate on keeping the Grim Reaper present. Henry and Ashen fell to the Grim Reaper’s scythe before Death was no longer able to sustain him. When they say “shit a brick” they must’ve been referring to the strain Death went through to keep the Grim Reaper around. There was a small pile of bricks at Death’s feet when he released the Reaper. The loss of two of their companion seemed to bolster the rest of the group, as they started hitting Death more frequently and for more damamge. When Death became bloodied, his essence fractured, causing a shockwave blast that dropped everyone into a void. Only those that had the ability to fly or hover weren’t hampered by the eternal fall. The battle continued as everyone fell into uncertainty. With his essence fractured, Death was weaker, and his attacks were becoming less painful, less frequent. Death was defeated, and the possible extinction of everyone on Kraju Dana was averted.



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