Kraju Dana


Death and his horse, Ragnarok, prove to be dificult foes to handle. Death is hard to hit, and his attacks, when they hit, hurt whoever they hit. The battle was not going well for the adventure party, especially when the horseman Death summoned his counterpart, the Grim Reaper. Keeping the Grim Reaper sustained in this realm was a lot of work, leaving Death able to do nothing else but concentrate on keeping the Grim Reaper present. Henry and Ashen fell to the Grim Reaper’s scythe before Death was no longer able to sustain him. When they say “shit a brick” they must’ve been referring to the strain Death went through to keep the Grim Reaper around. There was a small pile of bricks at Death’s feet when he released the Reaper. The loss of two of their companion seemed to bolster the rest of the group, as they started hitting Death more frequently and for more damamge. When Death became bloodied, his essence fractured, causing a shockwave blast that dropped everyone into a void. Only those that had the ability to fly or hover weren’t hampered by the eternal fall. The battle continued as everyone fell into uncertainty. With his essence fractured, Death was weaker, and his attacks were becoming less painful, less frequent. Death was defeated, and the possible extinction of everyone on Kraju Dana was averted.

The Phantom Train

The spirit realm is an interesting place, and at times is the only mode of travel for certain destinations. The group has to travel through the spirit realm to get to Death’s Door in the real world. Once in the spirit realm they find themselves on a transport called a Train. They make their way to the front of the train, encounter angery spirits along the way, and one very helpful merchant who can makes items appear as if from nowhere. When they reach the engine they find out that the train itself is a sentient, and evil, being. They end up having to fight the Phantom Train in order to gain their freedom from the spirit world. Once free they find themselves standing in front of Death’s Door. They use the final key and enter.

The Spoils of War, the Foils of Famine, and the Passing of Pestilence

Our heroes quickly dispatch of War, Famine, and Pestilence, though struggling in each encounter. The Horesmen are tough, and hard to hit, but our heroes are battle-tested and make each hit count. Once a horsemen is defeated, his essence completely shatters and passes to the key, destroying the key. They head to a town nearby, intending to buy supplies, but instead they found the twon in flames. The flames were caused by a great Red Dragon. The dragon was taking vengeance on the town for killing his mate, and his heart had turned in evil. They removed the Dragon’s threat, and made their way back to the coast, finding the shack of a dwarf who greatly resembles the dwarf that brought them to the mainland from the island up north. It turns out he is the identical buddy of the dwarf. They request his aid to take them to the small island in the bay, which he does, but they find out that they can’t reach it in a conventional way. The dwarf reveals that they must travel through the spirit realm in order to access the real-life door. They head back to the mainland, and the dwarf summons a doorway that reveals his dead brother, the other triplet. They follow the dead brother through the doorway and find themselves on a phantom train.


The Phoenix delivered them to the gates of the first domain to be defeated. In front of the gates, trying to break them down with roundhouse kicks, was a lone traveler named Chuck Norricus. Monty produced the Fiery Key, which unlocked the door and allowed them access to whatever lied within.

Inside the walls was a pyramid with several levels. On each level were a set of archer minions. The minions were taken out before they even had a chance to attack, two of which were almost literally scared to death by Chuck Norricus.

Inside the shrine at the top of the pyramid, War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, sat astride his steed, waiting for them to show. As strong as War is, he still took a massive amount of damage, some of which was caused by his horse being sent through a hell gate to fall on him, courtesy of Chuck Norricus.

Henry was able to pull off a massive attack which bloodied War and shattered his essence, causing a shockwave that not only damaged all it hit, but also destroyed the pyramid and dropped everyone down into a cavern below, causing even more damage.

The final keys
Legendary keys

The shifters were formidable foes, though the small clearing did lend a bit of an advantage to the adventuring party. The shifters put up a fight, but they soon fell to the teamwork of the group, and two of the shifters even fled. The leader, Arathluth, was captured and forced to lead them to Serigala. Once there the party members did some shopping, and a few were curious about the seemingly impenetrable wall near the far end of town. The town elder, Elgin, told them that within the wall was the holy symbol, but nobody could access it unless they defeated the guardian. The group then ventured to the Dark Heart to face the guardian, who turned out to be none other than Grigori, the stranger that helped them out with some advice back in Springfield.

The fight against Grigori was tough, and his immunity to certain types of damage made him a hard foe to defeat, but in the end they were victorious, and from his corpse they obtained the Death Key. They used the Death Key to remove the barrier around the holy symbol, only to find that the holy symbol of the shifters was another key, the Sickness Key.

The key had been resting on top of a large Phoenix egg. Once the key was removed, the egg began to crack, and the Phoenix within broke free. He thanked the group for removing the key, which had been preventing him from hatching. In return he offered to transport them to the domain of the first of the final battles. First, the group wanted to rest and recover, and returned to the Phoenix when they were ready.

To the Trees

The group decides to rent Hippogryphs and fly to Serigala. The hippogryphs land at the edge of the trees and drop off the party in the middle of a storm. As soon as the Hippogryphs leave, the group is set upon by four Djinn Thunderers, lightning based creatures. The first attack was a large lighting strike that dealt a large amount of damage to four of the members. Even with some of the group flanking the djinn and dealing massive damage to them, the djinn still managed to daze a few of them. The fight proves challenging, but they make it through.

During the encounter with the Djinn, when Henry was struck by lightning, it altered him. He now can control lighting and electricity.

When everything quiets down they here the sounds of a fight close by. They find a young man fighting Gabranth. The group goes to his aid, and when Gabranth once again fails to remove Monty’s brain, a bright flash of light from a lightning strike blind them long enough for him to make his retreat.

The young man, a Paladin named Danaus, was hunting Gabranth to seek revenge for the murder of his sister.

They made camp to rest and recover from their injuries.

After an eight hour rest they made their way into the forest. When they reached a small clearing they were set upon by several shifters.

Enter the Dragonborn

As the fight with the puppets rages on, the cleric is taking several hits due to the fact that he was surrouned by puppets. What the cleric didn’t see was the swirling vortex appearing over his head. The rest of the party members saw it, though. Through the portal fell a Dragonborn, landing right on top of the cleric, knocking them both prone. The Dragonborn rolled off of the Cleric, but the female puppet, leech woman, took this opportunity to drop a large leech on Ashen. The leech did so much damage that it knocked him out. The paladin, who joined the group after Berttram’s untimely demise at the hands of Gabranth, was able to revive the cleric.

At one point Henry cast a spell that ended up teleporting him outside the building. He blasted a hole in the wall, through which Toulon Nightshade quickly exited. The puppets had taken a lot of damage by this time, though, and soon they began to be turned into nothing more that piles of junk.

The group gathered around the new arrival to find out how it was he had come to this plane. It turns out he had been battling a powerful sorcerer in a different plane, who also happened to be a planeswalker, and was forced through the vortex into the realm of Kraju Dana. He heard about the keys, however, before he was forced into this different plane of existence. He gave them the name of their next destination: Serigala.

The Puppet Master

The cleric is able to severely hurt the dragon, and after Henry creates a ring of fire, the dragon’s chances are gone. Once it’s dead, the cleric claims the head for proof while Pel discovers a scimitar in the pile of bones. It is the scimitar of the dwarf that hired them, and his skeletal hand is still partially grasping it. The group leaves the cave with their treasures.

Back at the tavern, the group gets paid, but things go bad when Pel gives the skeletal hand back to its original owner. Stumpy is not happy about this, and prepares a fireball to throw at them. All but Monty get out of the tavern. Monty easily ducks the fireball and leaves to find Malaria to proposition her. Malaria Niger laughs in his face and then ends up accepting a date with Ashen. A few days pass while Malaria specially makes items for Ashen and the rest of the group shops, drinks, and steals. At one point Lavatica gets drunk and starts table dancind in Stumpy’s tavern.

Ashen asks Malaria about the keys, but she doesn’t know anything. She suggests to show up the next day at the local marionette theatre where Toulon Nightshade might be able to help them.

The next day they enter the theatre, and Ashen proceeds to the back room. He asks about the keys, but at first is so vague that Toulon doesn’t quite understand what he’s asking. When Ashen becomes more specific, Toulon looks frightened and a little threatened. He warns that nobody who looks for the keys ever truly has good intentions. He says that he will never tell a soul what he knows and his puppets attack. There are seven of them, and the dwarf is quickly surrouned, but his allies are quickly there to help out.

the cave and the dragon

The troll caught by the trap is quickly dispatched. The other troll runs further into the cave to get reinforcements. The party rounds the corner after deactivating the traps to find that the other troll had gotten back-up from two two-headed trolls. It was a short and not very brutal fight. From there they had two options: continue in the same direction, or go to the right. They decided to continue in the same direction. Rounding another corner they found four more trolls sleeping. Once those trolls were dispatched with, Monty, Lavatica, and Berttram backtracked to the other branch of the tunnel while the rest of the party continued on.

The adventurers that continued on found themselves in a room with more traps and two demons. Tryn deactivated one of the traps while the rest of the party removed the threat of the demons. They found themselves in a room full of gold. When it was evenly divided, each of them walked out 50,000 gold wealthier. Fatigued and exhausted, the cleric passed out.

Meanwhile, Monty, Lavatica, and Bert continued down the other tunnel. Stalagtites and stalagmites were in the way, and as they approached began chomping like a set of teeth. They found the symbol on the wall used to deactivate it, and realized that they needed blood to appease it. They used the blood of one of the fallen trolls. The teeth stopped chomping and they were able to make their way safely through. Further along they found more pressure plates, but there appeared to be no point to them. Upon inspection, Bert was flung into the middle of an enormous cavern where a rather large and angry dragon resided. It was resting on a pile of bones that appeared to be what was left of its various meals. Monty and Lavatica were able to bypass the flinging traps and began combat with the dragon.

The other group members were able to make their way to the dragon’s lair and join in the fight, but they found that this was no ordinary dragon, since it had the power to encase them in ice. There were damaging blows being dealt left and right, and halfway through the fight the cleric regained consciousness after having had a religious experience. He joins in the fight when Monty and Pel get encased in ice.

The duel and the job

The fight with the clowns rages on, meanwhile onlookers are starting to wonder if it’s really just a show, especially after one of the clowns transformed into a giant spider thing with large pincers. Once the short fat clown transforms into his second form, and new face joins the fight. Malaria Niger, the local weapon maker and an accomplished swordmage. Her assistance proves very helpful as she’s able to deal out great amounts of damage. Berttram, however, had also dealt a great deal of damage. The second form of Pennywise fell quickly, and Violater wasn’t long for the world either. The halfling rogue used her daggers to climb is body and then proceeded to saw his head off.

Once the group had a chance to heal, the rogue and the arrogant swordmage decided to have at it in a duel. They put a wager on it as well, while other group members decided to place bets. Everyone in the group was putting money on Tryn to beat Monty, but it was Tryn’s husband, Henry, that decided to make more than one risk by betting on Monty. Teh bet between them, however, was interesting. If Monty won, he would get to take Tryn up to his room at the Inn and have his way with her. If Tryn wins the duel, Monty has to say goodbye to his manhood for a year.

While the duel goes on, other party members get some shopping done. They get back to find that Monty ended up winning the duel. Monty leads Tryn up his room, even is chivalrous (after a fashion) and holds the door to the room open for her to allow her entrance into the room first. Tryn, however, was hoping she’d get beaten, so that while Monty was distracted, her husband could sneak into the room and steal all of Monty’s money. Monty, however, had thought this might happen, so he left a money bag with five coins attached to his belt, the other money bag, the one with all of his gold in it, he gave it to his onyx dog who was hiding behind the door, out of sight of Tryn. In a way both parties succeeded at hoodwinking each other.

While Ashen the cleric had been in the Malaria’s shop he had mentioned the job set forth to them to go and kill the dragon. Being friends with the man who hired them and seeing as how the cleric was coming up a little short on gold for an item he wanted, she agreed to go with and to apply her share to the amount of the item the cleric wanted.

After a relaxing rest, everyone was ready to head to the cave. On the way they collected Malaria and set off to find the entrance guarded by a Giant. Fortunately, Malaria was a well-versed linguist and was able to convince the Giant that they were going into the cave on a mission. He let them pass.

Inside they went down a long, straight tunnel. They stopped when they noticed two sets of eyes watching them. Berttram then noticed that there were slits in the tunnel walls and ceiling. He pointed out the triggers on the floor and told everyone to be careful, it was a Scything Blade trap. They looked down the tunnel, seeing that the eyes belonged to two ice trolls. Once they triggered the trap they tried to lure the trolls into the path of the blades. One troll took the bait and charged forward, only to be hit by one of the blades.


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